Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just in Time for Gardening Season

Who knew I would ever know anything about a labor union? Now I do. Rita is retiring from AFSCME Minnesota Council 5, AFL-CIO.
And just in time for gardening season.

Congratulations Rita.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Winter Wonderland

We are just starting to enjoy warmer weather, winter isn't that long in our past and yet today I dropped off a cake with a winter theme for the MN Bride's Fall/Winter issue photos shoot. I won't tell you what my cake looked like, nor who else was there.
I'll leave that until the issue is on the stands. Everyone needs a little mystery, something to anticipate.

I will tell you that we all looked different, taking our own path to interpret the parameters we were given.

These are some past winter cakes that I have done. One a little vintage, one sleek and contemporary. August will reveal my most recent addition to the season.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Birthday At The Dakota

Thursday night, as part of my long birthday celebration, I listened to CeU's sultry Brazilian voice with 2 aunts, an uncle, a cousin and his girlfriend. The music was amazing-I've been listening to her CD's non-stop ever since. The food was fabulous. Veal chops, salmon, an innovative scallop ceviche. I'm hungry just remembering. I scraped my plate clean.

I did, however, critique the desserts. They didn't match the phenomenal first and second courses. Rude, do you think? My feeling is, if it isn't right, it can't be fixed if the chef doesn't know.

I complimented the things I thought were wonderful and pointed out where I thought there could be improvement. As a Pastry Chef who used to create desserts for all kinds of menus, I know there is nothing more frustrating than an item that won't sell or a plate that comes back uneaten with no explanation.

Good food, excellent company, and an amazing voice. It was a great birthday evening.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why Don't You Listen?!

My friend Gary, Pastry Chef at The Oak Ridge Conference Center, came into class last night and did a piping and airbrush demo for my group of cake decorators. Always a funny guy, not only did he pipe a variety of flowers, he did a caricature of one of my students, someone riding a horse the wrong way and, of course, me.

Obviously I am the Chef everyone should fear. I should mention that there was more laughter and helpful comments along the lines of: Chef wears her hat lower.... than trembling.

Unwaxed cake boards don't do his talent justice!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Day to Remember

Ilene Facebooked me earlier this week with a last minute cake request. The Cheese Guy's Girl was having a birthday and the original plan had gone awry. Since I had already made their wedding cake, the ideas of working with Ilene again was a no brainer. She was having the party at Create
and asked for my Star Anise Cinnamon Cake filled with Ginger Mousse.

Using some of her Sari fabrics and a gift card as inspiration(all the guests received perfume atomizers as a remembrance of the day), the cake was simple, elegant and a perfect addition to the celebration.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bam! Pow!

Batman, calling Batman.
Everyone loves a superhero. Batman made his way to The WIlds Golf Club in Prior Lake this weekend.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ladybug, Ladybug Flyaway.....

There is a children's rhyme that I once knew start to finish. Now all I remember is Ladybug, Ladybug flyaway home.

Maybe today's birthday girl will remember the rest for me.