Monday, October 13, 2008

Can You Keep a Secret?

Many brides surprise their groom’s with a cake, but recently I had a groom reciprocate. Jarrod called me several weeks ago to see if I would help him with a surprise birthday gift. He had asked his new bride, Farrah, what she wanted for her birthday. Her reply was that he make her a cake. Not buy one, make one.

This is where I came in. He called to ask if I would help him bake and finish a birthday cake with her favorite flowers, Stargazer Lilies. I had made them for their wedding cake (as you can see in the photograph from Greg Jansen Photography).

We had fun! For 3 days we baked cake, filled it with mousse, made gumpaste lilies and pretended that Jarrod was at the dentist with a pesky tooth problem. We sat and talked about everything while we worked. Jarrod was great, picked up the technique quickly, and he could honestly say he made her cake, all of it! I simply provided the ingredients and tools, showed him each step of the process and let him go.

Now here’s the part that I would have found the hardest. How did he keep it a secret? I would have let it slip a million times. And the dentist? I would have come up with something far more complicated and never kept it straight. I laughed every morning as we determined it would certainly take another day to fix that tooth.

It was fun for Jarrod, Farrah loved her cake, and I got to be a part of it. I love my job!

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