Monday, December 22, 2008


I am watching Tim Burton's version of WIllie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. As much as I can like Johnny Depp as an actor, I much prefer Gene Wilder as Willie Wonka. And the Oompah Loompah and their songs? Don't leave me humming this time around. Since I am already finding fault with this remake, where are the close ups of the candy? Not nearly enough in my opinion, and I don't feel like snacking on any of the special effects! So, are there films about food that I do like? Absolutely. My all-time favorite is Mostly Martha, a german film found in the foreign film aisle of my local video store. You have to be willing to read sub-titles, but the kitchen scenes were realistic and they made me hungry. That is a definite sign of approval in my book. I also liked Ratatouille. Now, while I appreciated the excellent technical accuracy of the culinary aspects of this animated film, I found the rats a bit too well done. Insert shudder here. My hat is off to the animators, but perhaps they could have been a little less skilled at their jobs? Hmm, I suppose not.
Since I am now humming the original Oompah Loompah song and have no interest in watching the rest of the remake, it is time to end this unsolicited film review and find myself something sweet to eat. Thanks Willie Wonka. I'm off to find the chocolate.

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