Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Groom with a View

I have blogged about the research and ongoing work for the groom's cake for Brent and Susan. The wedding was unconventional from the start. Planned for Wednesday, August 8 to accommodate Brent's playing schedule(he plays for the Wild), the pretty in pink reception had some other add-ons to keep it personal and unique.
The bride wanted chocolate inside and out, the groom was all about white cake and raspberries. Now let's talk about design. First, some of the images came from his tattoos. I can honestly say I have never asked someone to remove their shirt in a tasting before. Then the ideas just kept coming. Several books, 1" of photos, drawings and photocopies, and we had a cake. My photos can't begin to do it justice, but I have to wait for the good ones from Scott just a bit longer.

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