Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Welcome Neighbor

I am about to celebrate my 4th anniversary in my space and I just welcomed neighbor #6.

Did you ever wonder why it took so long for a business to open? Or why it's only open for a year, maybe less? Or why you saw a "Coming Soon" sign in a window and then the business never turned on it's lights?

In the past 4 years two of my neighbors discovered they really didn't need a store front to be successful. Since they still had some time on their year's lease agreement, they then sublet. Of the 2 who sublet, 1 went out of business, the other moved to a different location. Another new tenant never even got her doors open. Between contractors, permits and city codes that caused problems, scheduled work got delayed, then postponed then canceled.
The list of bills grew and grew until opening expenses overcame her ability to make a living.

So, my newest neighbor is hard at work with contractors, friends and family getting the space ready. No name yet, and the concept has changed a bit in the last month, but they are determined to be successful. I wish them the best, and a very speedy opening.

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