Friday, February 12, 2010

A Passion for Purple

Wedding color trends follow fashion(think red carpet) and interior design(what have you seen in the home magazines lately)? Those colors start appearing a few months later in bridal boutiques on gown sashes and bridesmaids attire, at receptions as floral choices, on card stock as invitation accents. Today I'm even finding evidence of it in blog entry titles and yahoo headlines.

This season the color is purple. Just look around, pick up a MN Bride magazine lately?

But the name purple doesn't begin to cover the myriad shades available. Think periwinkle with that touch of blue, lilac- delicate with hints of spring and rich plums and eggplants. I love the shade of lavender that brings memories of it's heady aroma. Wait, lavender could be more than just a color. Add it into your bridal bouquet and reception centerpieces, infuse your recipes with it and delight your guest. It's divine with chocolate and caramel. mmmmmm and a little whipped cream.
Think beyond fabrics and flowers and fully embrace purple.

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