Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You Need It When?

Celebrations can sneak up on us. Especially birthdays. It's not that we don't know they are coming. It's that we keep telling ourselves that the birthday's in a month and we'll need a cake along with everything else. It's just that sometimes the actual ordering of said cake doesn't always make it off of our internal check list. Or it did get ordered but something happened. I have had everything from 6 months notice to a frantic plea for something that same day and there are times I am not able to fit the cake into the schedule.

Last week I had a request with not much lead time.

About midday last Tuesday Lisa called me hoping for a cake by end of day Thursday. My thought was: you need it when? She was not aware that I had an event keeping me out of the shop all day Wednesday. Hmm....I gave it a few seconds thought. It was going to be tough for me to make it fit into the production schedule. I hate saying no......

Isabel's cake was ready by 2:30.

Happy Birthay Isabel.

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