Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Wanna Be......

I am going to be on TV! KSTP 5's Twin Cities Live is doing a "I wanna be..." segment and this one happens to be a woman, Lyndsey, who wants to be a cake designer. The episode airs tomorrow, but filming has to be done ahead so there's time for editing and tweaking. That gave me time for some preparation.
Friday was the big day for camera and crew so the shop was scrubbed and primped, dusted and rearranged for it's television debut. I was already working on a couple of new cakes, so those were finished and readied for display. All seemed to be well until, of course, the 5 quart mixer decided to blow it's motor that very morning during a batch of mousse. A quick trip for a replacement, a couple of flowers in a vase, some lip gloss, a deep breath and away we went.
Lyndsey did a great job, Melissa and Seth from KSTP were pleased, the cake was lovely.

So, what do you wanna be?

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