Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Down By The River

I am finishing the 3-d elements of this week's riverboat wedding cake. I stopped by the Padelford Riverboat down at Harriet Island for a couple more photos to be sure I had the details right for the gangplank and staircase to the pilot house. What a pretty day for a boat ride. People were gathering in the park prior to boarding.

Last weekend was also spent down by the river. Raspberries were the inspiration for this event. Each guest received a miniature jar of raspberry preserves as a favor, the cake was sour cream chocolate filled with raspberries and ganache, the exterior of the cake was frosted with ganache and then adorned with gold dusted gumpaste raspberry leaves. Jeweled rapsberries tumbling down onto a gold cloth finished the look.
My hope is that they were able to enjoy their reception without the same storm related evacuations that affected Cirque de Soliel and the Irish Fair.

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The Style Laboratory said...

You're like an architect and baker rolled into one!