Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On The Move

As much as I can like Asma and Khaled as people, their hair salon was not my first pick as a new neighbor. So, after several years in West St Paul, Jessica’s Cakes is on the move.

Because I needed to move quickly before my season began, there was no time to consider a new space of my own with the time delays of build out, permits and assorted new development reviews. The search was fruitless for quite some time and I was finding it all a bit stressful. Enter Dawn and Eden of Fabulous Catering who were just about to post their extra space on Craig’s List. It was a perfect fit.

Now on to details:

The website, blog, Facebook and email contact info will not change.
I will be taking my phone number with me, and since this involves a bit of work, there will be a disruption in phone contact for a few days starting March 26.

Not to worry.

If you need to talk to me you can:
*email me at jessica@jessicascakes.com
*check out my Facebook pages and send me a message or just see what I’m up to
*follow my blog for continuing updates.

The transition will be quick and smooth and no events will have been injured during the move.

1 comment:

Carolyn said...

We've never net...but we live across the street from your old location - we were sad to see you packing things up. My curiosity caused me to google your business and see some photos of your cakes - they look great. In that funny little triangle of commerce your business was the successful holdout. We wish you luck in the new place.