Monday, March 23, 2009

April Showers

The old saying about April showers and spring flowers comes to mind(yes,I know it's still March) as we watch the forecast for precipitation this week. For me it was also prompted by the number of cakes I am making for baby and bridal showers. This is the pre-wedding season, so the bridal showers make a lot of sense. Baby showers are sprinkled throughout the year and are always a joy to make.

This past weekend a baby boy was the soon to be bundle of joy to be celebrated.The cake I decorated recreated the design on the sweetest baby clothes! It was all about a frog dreaming of becoming a handsome prince. Too cute! Lily pads and ponds and a crown on a frog, all in soft colors interspersed with the message. I love shopping for baby clothes.

Babies are the sweetest of gifts to arrive after a shower, rain or otherwise.

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