Monday, March 2, 2009

Refresher Course

Every industry has some sort of continuing education, re-certification or information updating courses I would think. New computer programs are put into place, tax laws change, a more advanced procedure or technique is adopted. The world of cake is no different. There is always something new to learn or tweak to be better.

Yesterday I spent a few hours with a friend doing said tweaking. Joe and I worked on some gumpaste flowers, some painting techniques and his way of wiring petals and leaves. I have been working with gumpaste for flowers and figures for a while, but we all have a different technique. There can be minor or major differences depending on who originally taught us a technique, and since I am now teaching, I decided to see how Joe does things, to help me be a better instructor.

Joe has worked extensively with Nicholas Lodge and Scott Clark Woolley. Two amazing talents with books, tools, colors and other toys that many of us have utilized over the years, but it is another thing all together to work one on one to see immediately what we do in the same way, and what might be improved or completely changed to get a better result. Sometimes it is the tiniest thing that can have the biggest impact. That little aha! or Duh! moment is my favorite. Like I said, it's usually the tiniest thing.

Here are just a few shots(admittedly not great) of my emerging Cattleya Orchid.

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