Sunday, March 1, 2009

Berlin's Big Day

Berlin turns 1 today! Happy Birthday. Kid's birthday cakes are so different. Boys want to be superheroes, girls go for the sparkle. My nieces and nephews give me excellent ideas and plenty of photo ops. Dragons, mermaids, Pokemon and more. Add in my clients, and there is no telling what I will be asked to do next. The trend now is to have a "smash" cake for the birthday girl or boy to..well, smash, which leaves the actual cake to stay pretty and be enjoyed by a more mature crowd. The photos that are sent back are a hoot. Cake everywhere, frosting in the hair, smiles and laughter. A perfect party.

Two weeks ago I did a birthday cake for Jen Cress's 4 year old, Jack. Definite superhero material with this kid. Can you beat that smile?

Berlin's cake is in shades of pink, chocolate brown and aqua. No frills and sparkles, but definitely a feminine confection. She got her smash cake, so we'll wait to see how much she wears and how much she eats.

You are never too old to celebrate your birthday and you are definitely allowed to embrace your inner child. So go ahead, indulge and

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