Friday, October 9, 2009

Continuing Education

It has been my philosophy that you can never stop learning, a feeling shared by many of my friends in the culinary field.
That was one of the reasons for going to Chicago for Nicholas Lodge's class last weekend.

There were other reasons to go:
Even though I knew I had already made many of the flowers he taught us, now I make some of them better. Some flowers were new to me, so now I have expanded my skills. I made some new acquaintances, so now my professional network has expanded. I ate great food, so now I can say I ate great food!(Honestly, that was a great incentive for this trip as well).

So, this old dog can always be taught a new trick, ideas can be exchanged, techniques be improved or replaced with better ones, and I saw things from a different perspective. Because of this class and chatting with my classmates, new cake ideas are emerging.

Continuing Education is a lifelong adventure. I am glad I didn't miss it!

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