Friday, January 16, 2009

Color, Trends and Inspiration

There are always questions about trends. Trends in fashion, trends in design, trends in cakes. It is all a trickle down effect from Red Carpet fashions to home decor colors, to wedding gown embellishments, to wedding cake design. So many things to inspire, influence and spark creativity.

Here in the Twin Cities, what I have noticed most in the last year or so, is that the all white wedding cake is now sharing the spotlight with colorful, whimsical, non-traditional creations. The insides too have included less white cake with white frosting, and more chocolate cake and other more exotic combinations, to offer a very memorable "first seen, last eaten" part of this special day.

The Wedding Guys(Matthew Trettel and Bruce Vasser) are on Fox 9's Morning Show this morning to talk about wedding cakes. They asked if I could provide some cakes for this morning's segment.Of course I said yes and sent off 4 cakes that show what has influenced me lately: a footstool created from Kasmir shawls, the movie Marie Antoinette, a gorgeous wedding gown with beautiful stiching, a shoji screen from a sushi restaurant. Hopefully they will get at least a camera span.

A recent cake that illustrated this non-traditional color and flavor trend went to Katrina of Studio Laguna for her Christmas celebration. Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting all wrapped up in the most elegant, rich blues with white accents. Cool colors to complement this chilly(okay, downright frigid!) season.

Be inspired, and create your perfect day.


Jenny said...

Jessica! I'm sure you don't remember me. I worked the counter at the New French ever so briefly. I remember you ever so fondly, well - mostly your pastries to be honest. The madeleines, the best chocolate chip cookies on the planet, and a tremendous pagoda pastry something or other (long before all this Ace of Cakes popularity). At any rate, I'll be reading the blog for certain. Best wishes to you.

Jenny Boggio (aka Jennifer Shannon)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for our gorgeous Christmas cake, I will definately be looking for excuses to order from you in the future. My family is still talking about how beautiful it was and how amazing the flavors were!