Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Saw It!

In a past bolg, I talked about the cake I did for the Shriner's Children's Hospital back in December. The party was a great event with a Breakfast with Santa the next morning. Judy had worked very hard to make both events memorable to the staff and their families, and in a recent chat, she shared what a great hit Santa was. There were several cute stories. How could there be anything else when you mix Santa and kids?

Here's my favorite.

Ninety kids and their families got to meet with Santa, sit on his lap and have a great meal. At the end of the event, a little boy, maybe 3, was walking out with his grandfather. He stopped, turned around and stared and stared and stared into Santa's eyes. Santa looked back, waiting, but not quite sure what was expected of him.

After some minutes of looking intently at Santa, the little boy looked up at his grandfather and said, " I saw it!"

The grandfather, a bit mystified, asked. "You saw what?".

The boy replied, " I saw the twinkle."

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