Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year

Each November I always believe that the upcoming January will be a quiet, expectant, pre-season period for planning, not to mention a time for relaxing after the flurry of the Holidays and the last of the wedding season. For me, 2009 started with a bang.

I rang in the New Year with a wedding on New Year's Day with 3 more events to round out the weekend. Add in some tasting appointments and a couple of last minute parties, and life is good. And, my first new product order went out. Whoo Hoo!

Which brings me to the best news. The end of 2008 ushered in many changes to Jessica's Cakes. A new logo and ad to update and freshen the look. The website, still emerging, was completely overhauled. This task was long overdue and we still have a page or two to finish. I also added cupcakes, cameo cakes and sweet table offerings to the menu to compliment the tiered wedding cakes and table cakes. I am so happy to say orders for groom's cakes increased by an amazing number over the past year. It's exciting because they are so fun to make!

There are many challenges left for everyone thanks to 2008, but it's not difficult to be optimistic when we take a moment to look at all we've been given, not what's been taken away. So, goodbye 2008 and Happy New Year!

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